JARO - fleet technologies

Shine bright with Jaro

Own your impact. Collaborate with a results-driven team advancing the US transition to electric semi-trucking.

Joe Miler, PhD, CEO of Jaro

In many ways, Jaro is designed to help energized, disciplined, smart, creative folks do their best work in service of climate and accelerate their careers in the process.

Tracking Jaro's Values in Motion


Jaro thrives on individual brilliance. We equip our employees with ample resources and a collaboratively aligned vision, empowering them to plan, execute, and deliver exceptional results.


Our dedication to practical environmental impact fuels team passion and attracts top talent. We rigorously evaluate strategic decisions for mission alignment with the assistance of our Community Advisory Board.


We are driven by customer needs, not hype or opinions. Collaborating with top American fleets, we focus on what matters - delivering reliable solutions that meet real industry hurdles and create value.


At Jaro, built -in methods ensure leadership is accountable to the team. Our proactive investment in high - performance team building and one-on-one coaching drives excellence and fosters continuous improvement.


We approach every interaction, internal or external, with appreciation for the diverse perspectives and insights from our friends and partners in trucking, climate, and our local community.

Perks & Benefits

Upper-quartile compensation packages

Comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and parental leave

Workplace flexibility and reasonable vacation policies

Personal professional development budget

Personal well-being budget

Environmental justice discretionary funds